Haha, I remember watching your Jade songs. I think that’s how I started following you, actually. And maybe! First…I have to buy it. xD If you have anything first edition you could make big bucks, or w/ holofoil cards they don’t print anymore.

Hah! Really? That’s pretty grand XD. I probably won’t sell my cards, even if they help with my tuition.because memories!!  And who knows, they might possibly be more in the future? B]

Yeah, I plan on getting that soon after my next paycheck! (Must make Aurion family and dorky Jade and crux angles) You know that original holofoil Charizard? My sister and I co-own it (long story)…and it’s apparently worth $700. Whut.

Niiice! I can send you Jade if you’d like, you’d get some pretty interesting outfits with him [though i dont know if he will come with the song i wrote for him] That’s quite a bit i’m surprised! :O I’m not even sure how much i’d make off mine.

I might get it too, but I’m also seriously considering Tomadachi Life… I got lucky and shiny Pichu just hatched from an egg. Also, if you tried selling any holofoil cards you could make a decent amount of money!

Oooh tomodachi life is soooo good for making fun of tales characters! like jade, i have him in a banana suit.  Share your shiny luck with me! I think at most, the only shiny i have is a spikey ear pichu.

Oh yeah, there are actually prices for these old cards if they’re in decent enough condition, which i suppose lucky me my parents didnt want us damaging cards at age 7 so they’re in mint condition still. xD

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Or you could also get it for the 3DS and relive the adventure everywhere you go instead of just at home…trying to look on the bright side of this with ya! Yeah, I’ve gotten a shiny Nidorina, Noctowl, and Pikachu. Only Pikachu remains.

I was considering that too! But there’s no multiplayer ;w;! though i might get it in the future when i got more mula to spend. 

I’m… Really jealous, the only time i encountered a shiny is when my sister had me try and capture one stubborn Machoke. And when i got holographic japanese bellossom card XD



That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

Well that’s sad too. If I lost my PS2 or Gamecube memory cards I’d cry, and I get your pain since that happened with one of my old Pokemon games and I had a shiny Nidorina.

I’m actually kinda depressed about it, but since i can just start over and it wasn’t the game itself its not too bad… but bad all the same;; .

A shiny!! Dang, i never got shiny anything XD except maybe a shiny gamecube from a contest i wasn’t supposed to enter..



Okay, so I died again but it was well worth it because I got Yuan to do his helicopter thing and it looks really silly

His ponytail’s not even moving with him, either

And he’s still at it as I type